Deep and Meaningful Connections

The CLRS training helps teachers, administrators, and support staff to become more confident, resourceful, and insightful during interactions with youth.

It is our fundamental belief that people want better connections with each other. The stress and anxiety in our lives, coupled with our reliance on social media, have made it more essential and yet more difficult to form meaningful connections with each other and with our students.

Our approach fosters authenticity, genuine listening, and compassionate support.

  • Get practical tools you can use in the classroom.
  • Learn how to build interpersonal connections quickly.
  • Be authentic and show empathy without giving away your power.
  • Create more trust with co-workers, students, family and friends.
  • Learn how to help others manage their emotions.
  • Get certified in the CLRS approach.

Becoming More Connected

CLRS training addresses three key dimensions that lead to deeper connections.

More confidence and ease when speaking with students and colleagues
Tools and approaches for supporting challenging conversations

How to be curious when you don’t know what to do
Deepen your in-the-moment sensing of what others feel

Ways to be authentic and show empathy without giving away your power
Ways to let go of inner pressure to “get it right”

Who is it for?

Our programs are right for educators at all stages of their career.



Classroom aides

Support Staff

Parent volunteers

Our style of Training

Our style of training will appeal to you if you:

Like to practice new techniques while receiving coaching and feedback
Are willing to venture into the unknown in order to grow
Enjoy experiential learning and spontaneity
Adapt new ideas and concepts to fit your approach to teaching and learning
In every CDG Training

Training that Makes a Difference

Support for Your Development

Supporting you to identify what matters most to you, and what pathway and practice will get you there.

Depth and Insight

Developing who we are and how we show up in the world increases exponentially when we discover our clear purpose and connect that to how we impact others in all areas of our lives.

Facilitative Mastery

Being in the room with a team of confident, adaptive, and insightful facilitators provides a rich and immersive container for experiential learning. In every moment, there is something we can learn from both said and unsaid.

Connection to Community

A safe learning atmosphere, in a peer-group of like-minded professionals accelerates what we learn, how we learn, and enhances our connection to each other as we learn.

Practice & Feedback

Sensitive feedback that supports and encourages is one of the most valuable gifts an educator can receive. Our facilitators truly live and breathe the concept of non-judgement and CLRS in how we teach. We are not here to fix you, just teach you a new approach.